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ひらく at 安楽寺


Solo exhibition “ひらく” at 安楽寺 京都


20~22 October 2017, Anrakuji-Temple, Kyoto
Solo exhibition “HIRAKU”
   -exhibited installation (the first installation by kitta)

The exhibition “HIRAKU” (`opening’) held from October 20-22 2017 at Anrakuji Temple in Kyoto was the first exhibition kitta had done centered around installation art. We asked people involved in various domains ― flowers, tea, cuisine, sound, light, design, photography, videography ― to answer this question: “Taking it as given that nature and humans simply exist, what can you add to this space?”; their answers, together with our own installation work, formed the core of the exhibition. We hope that via these photos you will be able to get a sense of how their responses, with their sensibilities and their individual relationships to nature and to timespace, shaped the exhibition.

Photo by Shoji Ohnuma
DM Photo by T.Minamoto


Exhibition / Event Space Design / Installation

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